Why To Invest In A Good Mattress

Yes, see my lying on the most comfortable mattress ever. Of course I love to be super active at work or be busy all the time, but I also love the have a good rest and sleep. It’s something with balance and I always like to get the right amount of both of them. So after a hard day of work or a good training I like having a relaxing hot shower and jump into my bed and get the rest I need.

For the last 10 years I never invested in a good mattress and now I’m bringing change into my life I thought this would be the right moment to cave in and go for a new and good mattress. After browsing around I came across eve Sleep (don’t you love the name!) and after trying out their pillow – read all about this here – it was time to try out their mattress made out of memory foam and with the coolest yellow detail. And what is better than feeling super relaxed, checking your socials and work from your bed, right!?

Yes, I’m one of those people who loves good package design and the bright yellow details made me happy already. But when it comes to a mattress it’s all about the quality and I was happy I could try out this eve Sleep mattress recently for a while. In my new home I’ll be sleeping on an attic so I wanted to try how it feels to sleep on a floor and without the frame of a bed. After this try-out I’ll put it back on my ‘normal’ bed until my move somewhere this summer. To give you a side note, I would not advice to put your mattress on the ground for a long time because it’s not so good for the condition of your mattress. Putting it on a pile of pallets could be really an inexpensive and cool option.

How it feels sleeping on a Sleep Eve mattress
My previous mattress is way softer than the eve Sleep mattress but personally I also had some issues on my back and neck for years. So this ‘older’ soft mattress could be not the best option for me and by introducing a new pillow and mattress it could bring some change. Quite an interesting experiment and at the beginning I was a bit skeptical if it really would bring the difference I wanted. The first nights on the Sleep Eve mattress I still had some back issues and slept really uneasy. Quite soon I experienced the positive influences in my body. Feeling more rested, less back issues and sleeping so much better. I can’t say if this mattress would be perfect for you but what I can say that it’s good to invest in a good mattress. We spend 33 percent of our lives sleeping so it be better on the right material, right!?