As you may know, shooting video’s is something what I truly love to do lately. I even work on my renewed youtube channel – follow me here – and I want to make more video’s on a daily basis. I’m really not the kind of girl who wants to be the center of her video’s so I’m still working a bit on that concept. So excited!

Of course I always get inspired by other youtubers who’re doing an amazing job and even made their daily job of making video’s. Actually I’ve got more than my 5 favorite youtubers, but I just had to downgrade it to these down below. Still I want to share Blogilates – for your daily work out and food tips. Just sit back and watch. Please don’t forget to share you favorite youtubers because I always like to find new inspiring ones.

This cool chick Claire , visagist, with a nose ring and lot of tattoos is just brilliant with editing of her DIYs, vlogs and random video shots. Besides this she has that typical effortless LA look and just can wear everything. Lately she’s travelling a lot and it’s so fun to follow her during her trips.

This LA based married couple are the cutest and coolest in town. True friends with Claire and are also travelling from Tokyo, London and to New York. Sometimes it feels strange to follow the daily life of people on the other side of the world but it actually feels like watching a real-life soap.

This lady from Australia has been on Youtube for many years. I love how she talked and makes sketches about the daily problems of life. Like losing your phone, using crossed fingers or when you try to measure things in yous house with parts of you body. So recognizable!

This lady Maya, who’s somewhere in her early 30’s, has inspired me in several ways. She uploaded many videos about making the best out of life and she talks about interesting tech subject like camera equipment and more. She was one of the girls who inspired to for short hair and to embrace it. Thank you, boo!

The only two Dutch girls that are on this list. Larissa and Tara are two sister who truly love cats and cupcakes – but of course there’s more. They upload daily vlogs, hauls, really cool DIYS and share their favorites of the month. Last year I went on a presstrip to Paris – see here – with them, where I got to know them a bit better – they are truly two sweethearts with a big dosis of creativity! Follow them!