Oh, hello Monday! I always like to start this day with a good cup of coffee. Actually it has only been for 6 months that I made this my tradition to start my day with. Working fulltime/part-time combined with freelance work and my blog makes it for me a quite busy (and so much fun!) and some mornings can be quite challenging. The forecast of waking up with a cup of coffee in my hand while waiting for my train to work is so comforting. It almost feels like something to lean on during those dark and cold mornings and get your dose of energy and caffeine. So slowly I made this my morning habit and actually I can’t live without it (this sounds to bad).

I really can’t call myself an expert but I went from a non-coffee drinker to a daily one in no time and that’s quite new for me. Back in the days I knew my mother loved a good cup of coffee in the morning but I never had to urge to start drinking it myself. Of course, I had one of those super sweet Starbucks drinks before but now I totally can’t compare it with a plain coffee or a cappuccino. Actually those Starbucks drink doesn’t attract me in any way now and I the end my wallet is happy with that too. Drinking too much coffee isn’t that healthy, I guess, so often I just keep it with my morning drink to prevent myself becoming a coffee addict. All this rambling makes me quite curious about your relationship with coffee? Do you drink it often? And which coffee can you recommend? Please share it all in the comments below ☕

T-shirt via Comegetfashion / Kitty mug via Ankit

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