As you may have seen in one of my previous personal posts, I’m quite in a positive flow and life is treating me good. Of course this doesn’t came out of nothing because I truly worked my ass off for it. I believe good and succesful times are more appreciated when you went really down moments before that. The last few weeks and months I looked back at this year it gives me the right strength to go on. But I also feel it’s time to look more into the future now and only take the past as an inspiration. Challenging yourself and taking life and your career step by step and enjoying the journey is what it’s all about for me.

How do I thrive on? How do I take my life in my own hands. Life is all about ups and downs, and all thought I still have so much to learn I already learned some life lessons that I always keep in mind. For example, in the past I always was way to conscious about how I acted, what people thought about me or thinking about if they even liked me. I put so much energy in this that at the end of the day I was truly exhausted. Nowadays I try to concentrate on the things that matter to me – in the broadest sense of the word. From friendships to daily life, I just want to keep my energy safe and use it for the right things. It sounds as something not that big but for it has so much affect and feel so much more in control.

From big changes or something really simple can give back your life and thrive on in life. Often we are just immune to our true feelings and go one and on. I’m happy Purdey’s contacted me recently about their ‘Thrive On’ campaign and besides introducing their new sparkling vitality drink – which is super yummy – they also want to inspire others to make the best of life. For example their working together with one of my favorite photographer Jimmy Wilson who is a big inspirations and shares soon his ’thrive on’ and I’m so excited to meet him soon (more about this later). As you know, I’m working on a healthy lifestyle change and I’’m always interested to try out new products. This drink is full of fruits – great for a sweet tooth as me – minerals, vitamins and extract from plants. It’s the perfect natural vitality drink for your daily life to get that extra boost of energy. Who doesn’t what that, right?!