We all can have one of those busy and stressful days or weeks and sometimes it seems no end is near. You all want to have rest and do nothing but in the end this isn’t the solution. Of course, in the first place it’s good to look at the things that causes some stress and if you can solve it yourself or with help of other. But because you’re probably working in the same rythim for weeks or months it’s always to take some steps back and see it all from an other point of view. Personally, traveling is the perfect solution for me because it’s a way of leaving reality behind and just relax and reset your mind. Yes, traveling can cause some stress itself but today I’m sharing with you a few tips how traveling can reset your mind. And actually, you can use all these tips during your daily life.

Don’t plan to much
Often when I’m planning a trip I want to do as much as I can to use my time at it’s best. Of course, this is all fine but when you need some time off this can cause some stress too. So instead of planning a lot ahead, just only plan a few things and go with the flow. Like my last citytrip to Barcelona, I had days where I didn’t planned anything ahead and just figured out on the day it’s self what I wanted to do.

Bring a small notebook with you
Often when you’re creating a relaxed atmosphere your mind will be more open and new thoughts will come up instantly. Instead of keeping them up inside it’s really helpfull to write these thoughts down so you will keep an empty and free mind. Looking back at the written down thoughts can give you a nice view on life or other situations.

Leave your phone at home
Every day we ar connected to our phone and sometimes it looks like we can’t live without it. During a city trip or traveling in general it’s the perfect moment to log out and leave the online world as it is. Offline is the new luxury and enjoying life without the need of capturing, sharing or following it from other is just super relaxed.

Let it go
What ever happends, just let it go. Sometimes I really can get annoyed about the fast life of social media and when I’m traveling this is all gone. All my weird thoughts or things I’m struggling with are gone and I go with flow of life. Let it go!!