personal body plan

While you reading this I’m probably somewhere above the ocean to my tropical holiday. But it’s also time to share with you a brand new update of my Personal Body Plan journey. I’m in my 3rd month (of the 6) of PBP and like I hear from others this isn’t always to easiest one. It’s not easy to stay motivated all of the time so I’m here to give you my honest view and struggles.

The first month was quite exciting and I got some great results. After a good first month I got even more excited in the second month and was working my ass of all the time. During August, my 3rd month, I was a bit struggling with my busy work life and being tired often. I knew I had to keep up my nutrition but that’s not so easy when you have a endless to-do list. In the end I really had no problem with working (out) so much but I truly felt some stress in my body. Include some super hot days, my IBS and working out almost every day I really hadn’t my best month.

Just yesterday, I uploaded my results in the PBP app and actually I was still super happy with my results. Not so good as other months but I’m still losing weight, getting stronger and my mindset is getting better and better. But how do I keep motivated and focused when your having a hard time? This month was all about bringing balance into my life and don’t be a perfectionist. This journey will not only be about roses and there are moments you will be struggling and find it hard to keep on track. But looking back what I already have accomplished is for me the best motivation. Only a few months ago I really felt down, having a hard time to accept that my body wasn’t working correctly and learning how to learn to walk, run and bike from scratch. It may sound a bit cheesy but starting with PBP was the best choice ever. I can’t wait what the next 3 months of this journey will bring.

Excited to start this journey too? Join PBP just like me and you will not regret it. Certainly don’t hesitate to sign up for Personal Body Plan as well because this month’s registration period closes at the 31st of August. Get 15 euros discount on your plan if you sign up through this link.

I’m wearing FRVR ‘Joy’sweat pants / FRVR print sport bra / K-Swiss ‘tongtwister’ sneakers / Hunkemoller hoodie