My Interior Plans for 2017

When you following me a bit on instagram you may know that I’m going to move to another home this year. We are in the midst of selling our current house and were are already have our eyes on another one. Changes make me so excited but also super impatient because when I’ve got something on my mind I want to do it right away. This year I also want to make some changes in my interior. New year, new home! Today I’m sharing a few of my interior plans for 2017.

More color
Back in the days I was all about creating a monochrome interior which wuite resulted in a dark and not so cosy interior. I really want to makes changes in my interior color scheme and go for more color. One of the main objects that needs to have color is my new couch. Maybe velvet pink or pretty ochre. What will it be?

Unique pieces
Don’t get me wrong, I still love Ikea but in my new home I want to go for more unique items instead of pieces you’ll in every house. An eyecatching lamp with a monkey (from Selett) until accessories that makes you interior more unique. I also want to go for design from young designers.

The last few months I came to the conclusion that the main focus in my home is the possibility of relaxing. I’ve got several spots in mind where I can rest and relax in a peaceful style. A corner or spot full of pillows and carpet to dream away.

More green
To be honest, I suck when it comes to caring for plants but for my new home I really want to work on this. I love when a house is filled with plants and flowers and hopefully I can keep this resolution up. To start easy I’m thinking about getting s big cactus that doesn’t need a lot of water but still gives that green vibe to a room.

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