Believe in More

Embracing my own uniqueness and inspire others. Standing up for myself and the things I believe in. These are things that has always been my main focus and that’s why I couldn’t be more excited about one of the most exciting campaigns I worked on. Nike, one of the most well-known sportswear brands has ask me to collaborate for an exciting campaign. Nike has just launched a new campaign that’s all about individuality, self-expression and power which is directed by one of the most inspiring artists of this time, FKA Twigs. All to encourage us to question yourselved where we believe in, who we are and what makes us unique. Something that lies so close to my own believing and sharing this with you feels like a dream come true.

For this campaign with Nike I was lucky to be one of the first to wear this new performance Nike Zonal Strength Tights which fits like a glove. Often tights fit perfectly when you’re doing nothing but during an intensive training they sag – something I find so annoying. This new Zonal Tight are made perfectly to do your favorite workouts indoor and outdoors. They are high waisted, fit perfectly around every part of your legs and you just feel so comfortable in it. As you know, last year was an intensive year when it comes to my health and for quite a while I truly didn’t feel comfortable in my own body. Showing my body in this campaign is overcoming one of my biggest fears and shows that believing in yourself is so important.

When it comes to this look I obviously went for an all black look. Like in my daily life it’s the color I feel the most comfortable in and it gives me the right confidence to make the most of my training. While doing your squads, working with weights and some cardio your sportswear has to stay in place and don’t distract from your main focus. Getting fitter!

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During weekdays I prefer to work-out at my local gym after my work and free my mind and escape the rush of daily life. But during the weekends I like to go for something else and seek for nature. The fresh air, freedom and the beautiful nature around me is so relaxing. It gives me the right energy for the rest of the week. You should try it too!