While creating this delicious pink breakfast I only thought about my love for pink and not the possibility of making it for Valentine’s Day! But how cool would it be to make it for or get it from your loved one – just an idea! But let’s go back the food. I think we Dutchies all know the store Blokker which is known for having all the neccessary things for your home. This time Blokker asked me to create my #frissestart (fresh start) with a few of their new products. Personally I’m super happy with the beautiful plates and glasses that are a perfect match with this pink meal. It really got me inspired to get my kitchen stuff more on point.

As you could see on my instagram – @justlikesushi – I tried out a beetroot chai latte and this pink drink got me inspired to create an all pink breakfast. After seeing the pink pancakes at fellow blogger Sofie I knew I wanted to create them too. Especially during these colder and darker days it’s good to comfort yourself with the right food – of course all with moderation. Creating things that makes you smile is what’s all about, right?! So for today I’m sharing with you all the details to create it to…maybe for your Valentine!

This big pile of pancakes can be shared with someone else.
If you want to make it for 1 person you need to divide it by two.

• 2 bananas
• 2 eggs
• scoop of whey powder (optional)
• handful blueberries
• beetroot powder
• almond milk (optional if needed)
• greek yoghurt or quark

how to make it!
• make sure the bananas are ripe (have dark spots)
• break the bananas into few pieces and smash them into liquid substance
• mix all the ingredients together
• add the beetroot powder untill it has a nice pink color
• add some olive/coconut oil into a cooking pan and bake them on low fire.
• if you want you can add the blueberries into the mix
• put all the pancakes together and add greek yoghurt and blueberries as topping

• almond milk
• orange juice
• beetroot powder
• apple
• lemon juice
• ice cubes

how to make it!
• put everything into an blender
• add some ice cubes
• divide it into the glasses

This post was created in collaboration with Blokker