I’ve Got Places To Go

Traveling has always been high on my list of things I like to do. Exploring new cities, countries and new cultures. There’s something in my body that always has the urge to be on the go and want to do things. I’ve always in between enjoying my time home and abroad. After last years drama and learnings I’m even more convinced of investing more time and money into traveling and exploring. While I’m focusing right now on my moving plans I don’t have specific travel plans for 2017 but I always have a never ending travel wishlist – that I’m happy to share with you.

• Lisbon / after hearing so many positive things about this city I’m super excited to explore it myself. I think it had a good mix of a citytrip, beach, culture, architecture and delicious food.
• Miami / with a friend that comes from this city it has always been on my mind to visit this city. Further I also interested to experience the different cultures and I also don’t want to miss the food, nature and architecture.
• Bali / I’m still not sure of this place is high on my list because it’s quite a popular place to go. But on the other side it makes me super curious to see what all the fuss is about.
• Japan / Traveling to this country makes me feel going to an other world. It’s nothing I’m familiar with and that makes it so interesting.
• Iceland / I’m kind of girl who prefers to go on city or tropical holidays but Iceland is also something that attracts me. The breathtaking nature and the culture of this country is something I would like to know better.
• Jordan / Almost 2 years I ago I’ve got the possibility to get to know this country better thanks to the Jordan Tourism Board. I’m so excited to experience it again and show the beauty of this country to my boyfriend.
• Barcelona / Oh yes, Barcelona is always a good idea!

I’m using the Suit Suit Caretta Sea Shell White suitcase