Interior Dream Shopping

Eve Sleep ‘personalised’ initial pillow / Seletti monkey lamp / Libby hobstar glass / H&M gold mirror /Rituals roomscent diffuser / Green Life Store Livistona rotundifolia plant / Karwei rug / Leenbakker velvet pouffe /
JBL bluetooth speaker / &Klevering palm print plates

When you’re planning to move to a new home this always feels like a fresh new start. A new chapter that also asks for a new interior. The last few years I already collected a few nice interior pieces but it still didn’t felt as a whole. Of course, from now on I would like to change this and truly make the best choices when it comes to decorating my new home. It all will take a few month so there’s enough time to browse around Pinterest and collect my favorites. Of course, as an impatient girl like me I just can’t hold myself to make a wishlist and even order some things. Oopss! Let me share what I’ve got on my mind…

Initial Pillows via Eve Sleep
In our new home we’ll be sleeping on a mezzanine so I really wanted to go for a good mattress. I already got my hands on a big one from Sleep Eve that I can’t wait to unpack (soon more about this). But for Valentine – and every other day of the year – they created initial pillows in collaboration with artist Supermundane. How cool is it to customize this for your loved one! Create yours, buy and/or share it right away. Curious how yours will look like? Customize it now on their website.

Go green
One of my goals in my new home is to get more plants and try to let them stay in life more than 2 weeks. I really want to go for a big cactus and some other exotic creatures. Besides this I also can’t get my eyes of the palm plates of &Klevering.

Monkey lamp
To make this jungle theme complete my boyfriend and I just love the monkey lamp of Seletti. It’s so cute and different that I really can’t wait it to place it somewhere in my new home.