Interior Touch Up


Like I told you in me last post I just can’t resist myself of getting new interior pieces for my future home. Later this year we’ll move and I’m already collecting things here and there. There are a few things I want to do differently than I did with my current home. For example, bring more color to my home and go for pieces I truly love – even if this means I need to g o for higher priced items. I’ve got some design lamps in mind we’re even thinking of an ultimate relax/cinema area. Yes, this all cost some money but I’m so ready to create my dream home.

Of course, I like to save some money where I can so I’m so happy I got introduced to Desenio – a webshop filled with poster for an affordable price. You may have seen it already on other blogs and instagram and I was so curious to try out myself. For now, I can hang up these amazing pieces because soon I’ll leave this please but I truly love putting them againt a wall. Not so perfect, careless and the possibility to change time to time. I chose for an mix of black and white prints, pictures and quotes. Because there’s so much to choose from on Desenio I’m still thinking to get a few more. And you can do it too! For the next few days I’ve got a nice discount code ready for you…

Shop now all Desenio poster online with 25% discount with the code justlikesushi25
• only small letters / valid 7-9 February / only on prints, not on frames •