The Spring Home Make-Over

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The moment I knew I would move to my dream home later this year, I wanted to make the best of our interior. Only choosing the best and really thinking about which items I want to surround myself with. Back in the days I’d always go for the less expensive option but right now I prefer to save a bit more and go for the item I always wanted to own. Because my love for pink is endless I knew I really wanted a pink couch, but the only thing to do was…convincing my boyfriend. After discussing with him we came to an agreement and came to the conclusion he’d get his ‘little’ mancave and I could go on the hunt for the ultimate pink couch. Score!

First I got my eyes on a pink velvet one but in the end it wouldn’t be that timeless and suddenly I found the ultimate sofa at Sofacompany. I chose the pretty Thea sofa 3-seater in a dusty pink color that will fit perfectly in my current and especially my new home. It has the perfect retro look and goes so well will all my other interior pieces. Welcoming this new piece in my home is the perfect way for a Spring make-over and transform my home into something more colorful and fresh. This is only temporary until I’ll move into my new home so I can’t wait to share later this year the end result.

Because I really needed to think of my new (smaller) home I couldn’t go for a huge sofa but I also got my eyes on a few chaise longues at Sofacompany that looked so good and comfy to relax on. With their Danish design and affordable prices you can truly find a unique piece for your home. Besides couches they also have other additional items – like carpets, pillows, tables and chairs – for the perfect makeover of your home.

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Sofacompany Thea 3-seater sofa in Sunday Dusty Rose
Sofacompany Georg hocker in Sunday Dusty Rose

sofacompany, pink couch, sofa