Let’s Have A #EvePillowTalk

Because I know health is one of the most important thing you got in life I always like to step up my game on this subject. Eating healthy and working out could be better but overall it’s going really good. Also mentally I want to be more in balance and create and environment for myself that works. One of the most important things for is sleep. When I have a good sleep I have enough energy to concur the would and do everything I want. I always have sore muscles and my back hasn’t been the best. So I know a good sleep with a good mattress and pillow is heaven for me. Finding the right pillow has been quite a journey and I really tried a lot of them. In the end they all didn’t worked for me and I ended up sleeping often without a pillow. I knew something had to change. That’s why I’m super happy I came in contact with the lovely team of Eve Sleep who created to best mattress and also a pillow that should be the best. And now, with the possibility of customizing it
(via #evepillowtalk on Eve Sleep) with your own initial – created by Supermundane – I couldn’t wait to try it out and give an honest review.

What I think of this pillow
Because I have tried a lot of others pillows I was curious to see if this pillow would work for me. I have strange sleep habits and sometimes I sleep in the most weird positions. So this pillow had to work with this and give with the right amount of sleep without waking with a painful back and neck. With the memory foam inside the pillow it will give you the right support. And yes, after trying it out the last few days I can say I’m hooked. A less painful neck and feeling more relaxed after waking up. Besides this all Sleep Eve has also inspired me to get other things more in balance for the best sleep. Like avoiding my phone in bed or reading more books before going to sleep.

Products in this image | Sissy Boy pink pillow | Ikea led lamp | Eve Sleep Martress | Book ‘Get Your Sh*t Together – Sarah Knight