rocking chair, pug

Besides walking around bare-legged, indulging yourself with fresh flowers and a new wardrobe – spring means cleaning my home and get everything ready for a new season. I’m so excited to finally show you guys this little corner in my home where I find my rest and read magazines once in a while. Interior always has intrigued me and now that my boyfriend and I are more into it I would love to share it more on my blog. Not just interior inspiration but the personal favorites I own ( or would love to). Are you in for that?

Rocking chair I’ve been eyeing on this chair for months and a few weeks ago it was finally in stock again at TeLeukHout.nl so I had to buy it right away. And damn, they’ve got the fastest shipping ever – I bought it in the morning and it was delivered in the evening already. It was this perfect chair that this little corner was missing.

Pug pillow I’m a happy owner of two adorable cats – Sushi and Stewie – but I’m  also creating a weakness for pugs. I’m not thinking about to get a dog soon but I always love to pin them around on Pinterest. So when I spotted this cutie at Primark I took this baby home. Now I need to give him a name. Any suggestions?

Wooden Made sunglasses My collection of sunglasses is growing and growing every year. Spring is just in full swing and I expanded it with a few great additions. One of them is this one by Wooden Made (obviously made out of wood) which has been in my bag every day. I love that it has the standard look but the wooden frame makes it so unique. That’s always what I’m looking for.