A clean desk policy is something I would love to hold one these days but the creative messy person takes it over all the time. All though I love everything all white I always tend to add some other colors and materials to my interior. These days I’ve been redecorating my work area and it was about time to get a new desk. Interested to read more about that, by the way? Because I’m in de mids of putting everything back I thought it would be nice to share some easy ways to spice up you desk. And the best thing, you can start with it tomorrow….yes Monday!

We all love a clean laptop but the best way to spice it all up and make it more personal is by adding a new case. First, it will protect it from getting damaged and in the end you can transform it from a marble to a shot from New York in a split second. I shot this picture during my stay in New York last year and it bring back so many memories. Macbook case via

Okee, I’ll be honest with you guys. I think I’m the worst plant owner that will exist. I even can let dry up some cactuses and in the past I already needed to throw away a few away – such a shame! This one in a pink pot is still alive and I’m happy it still gives some extra green on my desk. I true must for every desk owner. Cactus via Ikea

Marquee light
Suddenly this letter light were the hottest thing in town to add into your interior. And yes, I went for it all the way and I already own three of them. This one is my latest addition and it’s just standing cute on my desk. And, the coolest prop for you instagram shots.
Marquee light via

Random stuff
Of course, a desk needs to be filled with necessary stuff but to spice it all up I like to add some random stuff to my desk to change it all up once in a while. So for today I brought my current favorite sent to my desk area to just look at it (I’m a s*cker for good package design) and spray here and there through the day. Perfume via &Other Stories.

Of course I could give you an endless lost of things that would spice up your desk but these ones are my current favorites.
I spotted some cool desk stuff at and they are worth checking out. Here are my favorites:
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