In the celebration of JUST LIKE SUSHI’s 5TH BDAY this month I thought it would be fun to share some random facts about me. All these years I’ve been sharing bits and bobs of my life but still you don’t know everything about me (and some things stay just private). It was quite fun making this list because this is…how I roll!

* * *

01/ I often ask my boyfriend for fashion-related advice while he isn’t into fashion actually. Just a totally other perspective on things can be very interesting.

02/ I like to be alone. Crowded places make my head spin and silence is (most of the time) so much more interesting

03/ Procrastination is my middle name. I always get distracted easily with the result that I always need to challenge heavy deadlines.

04/ I think, a lot, too much and too often. About nothing and everything in life. That’s how I roll, I think!

05/ I love to watch crime/murder-related programs because I find it so interested why people get into the darker side of life…

06/ My boyfriend and I went living together already after 5 months. After almost 7 years, it’s (one of the) the best decisions of my life.

07/ Around ten times a day I think I lost my phone – actually I have never lost it. Like I said, I’m the most distracted person ever.

08/ I’m a mommy’s girl!

09/ I’m a true visual person. I think, dream and remember things by images. That’s why I love to be creative during my jobs.

10/ I’ve got one tattoo – a star on my right arm – a tribute to my precious mother. I still got many other ideas on my tattoo-list.

11/ Yes, I love sushi (of course) and I could eat it everyday and you could wake me up for it in the middle of the night.

12/ I’ve got Caribbean roots in me. I lot of people think I’m somewhere from Asia – Indonesia especially…

13/ I love to travel. When I’ve got the right persons around me I think I could live everywhere on the world.

14/ Since I was a little girl I’m hooked on watching Discovery Channel!

15/ It wasn’t an easy road to embrace my tomboy style – but having a blog made it all much easier.

16/ I love to sleep & eat – a lot! Oops!

17/ I think I could get a degree in making funny faces (like I did in the first picture).

18/ I hated the color pink for years, but lately it’s growing on me.

19/ At least once a month I need to visit Ikea. I always bring home a few cactuses and storage boxes.

20/ I’m a true cat lady. Since I was little I’ve been surrounded by these furry animals and I can’t live without them.

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