Woohoo! It’s holiday time for me! While you’re reading this I’m doing some last-minute packing and will be on my way to the airport. La Palma it is this time! But before I’m going to enjoy the beaches, palm trees, delicious food and beautiful nature – I planned today a post for you to get to know me a bit better. Yes! I’ve done these kind of posts before but I think there’s always time to get know eachother a bit better,right? So, let’s go!

1. Yes! I’m a 20-something young lady, but actually I’m still loving super childish things and I’m not ashamed of this. Movies like the Minions, Hello Kitty and cute pets are things that can me make me act like a 4-year old.

2. It’s almost ten years ago that I had a jaw surgery where they separated my two jaw parts and saw a part of it off and put it all together with metal pins. Yes! Maybe a bit TMI (too much information) but I’m still so happy I did it.

3. And to give your more information about fact number 2: A part of jaw/mouth is still insensible which can cause some awkward situations. So, when I’m drooling or have some food on my face – please let me know!

4.There’s always something to celebrate in my house because my boyfriend and I are too lazy to wrap up our birthday garlands. Oops!

5. I’m super messy (I can’t help it)!

6. I always like to give voices and personalities to random pets on the street (weirdo alert!). Just for fun and too much fantasy stories in my head.

7. I hate rollercoaster. So I’m always the one that needs to take care of all the bags

8. Secretly I have some true dark humor. And I’m so happy I can share this with my boyfriend and sometimes we’re such on a roll that’s almost to weird to share!

9. Lately I’ve become a super early bird and I’m super happy with it. Getting so many things done before 10Am gives me so much energy.

10. On the other side, I like to go granny style in the weekends and I can’t enough of a siesta somewhere around 3PM.

11. Ayyy, I still don’t have my driving license! Maybe this year?

12. I wouldn’t mind emigrating to a the other side of the world or a tropical island (yep! bucketlist material)

13. More and more I’m disliking alcohol. The endless thirst, headache and not feeling good the day after makes it even worse. What is it good for actually?

14. To be honest with you guys, I’m not a person-person. I don’t like crowded places and it consumes so much energy that I rather have drinks with some close friends.

15. Secretly I have an aversion of everything that’s too cliché, overrated or to popular. It gives me a weird feeling in my head and I always try to go for the opposite.

16. I’m a outsider and I’m lovin’ it!

17. Most of the people know me with super short hair. What you don’t know about me is that I had super long hair during my high school years. But in the end I’m loving my current short hair the most  #shorthairdontcare

18. I came to the conclusion; I’m so not a festival girl! I don’t know what it is, but it’s just not something for me. Am I the only one?

19. I’ve super bad eyes. When I don’t wear my glasses or optical lenses I truly see nothing with my -8 and -6 eyes! I guess it runs in the family.

20. Something else that runs in my family; grey hair. They’re with so many with so many I stopped counting. Getting old so fast these days! But hey, luckily they invented hair dye!