Few weeks ago when I visited the Wehkamp HQ I had a look into to the photo studio where I got a workshop with the great photographer Taufiq Hosen who told us a bit more about shooting looks. Of course, shooting in a studio and outside for your blog is a bit different, but the tips he gave us are also useful for your outfit shots. Even I, who works a lot with her camera, is always in for fresh views about photography – and this is a great reminder to get better shots. Don’t forget to share your tips and tricks to shoot your pictures so we all can learn from it!

Be yourself – Of course you can be inspired by others, but always put your unique personality into the pictures. When you’re quite shy person, you don’t have to be that bubbly and energetic person in the pictures.

In-between-shot – Those moments between your poses are most of the time your best shots. Personally I still need to work on this because most of the time I don’t achieve this without looking weird.

Try – You really don’t want to see how I shot my first pictures for my blog. But through the years I’ve been trying my ass off and in the end it all worked off. In this way you can find your signature look / backdrop and

Atmosphere – The atmosphere during the shoot is one of the most important things to get some good shots. Create a relaxed vibe, put some music on or act a bit crazy with your photographer to become less serious.

Take your time – Be relaxed, take your time and the end result be amazing!