Lately I’ve noticed I’ve becoming so much more relaxed in life. Of course, work has been keeping me super busy but in my private and personal life everything has been relaxed and not so hectic. Has it been a result of being more selective about the people I surround myself with and who I’m calling a true friend? Or not worrying about things that arent’ important for me in the end? What will it be? So for this Sunday I selected a few tips for a more relaxed life. Hopefully it will inspire you in some kind of way and if you want, you can start immediately with it tomorrow…

1. Be happy with yourself / Feeling more relaxed starts with feeling content and happy with your own personality. It’s always good to look closely to the things you do in life, what makes you happy (and sad) and what could change in this scenario to make you feel better. Knowing these things is already the first step of changing things and tohave  a more relaxed life.

2. Don’t worry too much about others and not important thing / This part really helped me so much for a more relaxed life. Back in the days I could worry so much about others, what they would think of me or if I was good enough for them. I really needed other people to feel good. But in the end it made me very unhappy and through the years I learned I don’t need others to feel happy. Also not worrying about (materialistic) things in life had been so effective for me.

3. Be selective with the people around you / Yes, I’ve always been a bit of an outsider. I’m not the center of attention during a party and I rather be more selective with the people I surround myself with. In my opinion, it’s such a waste of time and energy when you give attention to people who doesn’t give the same amount of this back to you. The vibe of your friendship has to be equal to last long. Surrounding yourself with inspiring and positive people can do so much for your own mindset.

4. Don’t let society live your life / Luckily nowadays we have so much more freedom when it comes to arranging your life. But there are still some unwritten rules of how things work in life. It’s still so common when you have relationship, you will marry and in the end have kids. Through the years I noticed this kind of arranging my life isn’t for me and sometimes society not always understands this and people around my are keeping asking questions about this subject. But hey, it’s my life!

5. Perfection kills everything / A lot of people want to live that perfect life that they have in mind, but in the end they only get disappointed. Of course, challenging yourself to get the best out of yourself is one of the great things in life, but pursuing perfection can go wrong. Personally I learned so much more of the moments I failed or made mistakes instead of going for that perfect life without the flaws.

6. Time is now / Concentrating on living in the moment gave me so much more a relaxed feeling. People have the habit of  waiting for that perfect moment, but when do we know when something is perfect? I hear so many times these kind of  things: When I have that job I’m going to…! When I lose some weight everything will be better…! When I find that perfect boyfriend I’ll…! – and they’re all about things in the future we don’t have the full control about. For me the best things in life came out of non planned things.

7. Be positive and spread positivity / For me being positive in life is the key of good things in life. So concentrating on the good things in life, do good things for others who deserve it and spreading love and happiness does so much for a more relaxed life.