It’s becoming quite a cliche to say that time is flying like crazy. It only felt a few days ago I celebrated NYE with friends in Amsterdam and now we’re in the second month of the year already. You won’t hear me complaining because we’re heading slowly to warmer months – hello warm summer nights, a glass of wine and sunrays on my skin.

Yup. Keep dreaming girl. Because we still need to face several weeks of winter and here in Holland the weather is always so unpredictable – #1 conversation subject. But to stay in the positive mood I’ll be sharing 9 happy moments of january. It’s a fun way to share what I’ve been up to and focus more on the little and fun things in life. And…don’t to share you happy with me too…

1. Of couse the most fun thing of January was my birthday. I celebrated this first with my boyfriend in Antwerp and later on with my entire family.
2. Working out with Elle, Nike and Dutch presenter Arie Boomsma. You could read all about it here and it give me so much fresh new energy to get fit this year.
3. Spending time and working in Amsterdam during MBFWA with Bloggernet & Cirqle. So cool to work together with cool and talented people who gives you so much more drive to work even harder
4. Spending time in a hotel room and feeling almost like home. During busy times I always like to have some me-time and in my room at Aitana Roommate I slept like Cinderella.
5. Little things in life . On my birthday I headed to Laduree and bought myself a super sweet pineapple box with the most delicious macaroons. It felt so special and those are the ones I will remember the most.
6. Shoes on sale. More than a year ago I had my eyes on a pair & Other Stories shoes but in the end I found them a bit to pricey. This year they more back in stock and I knew they were on sale this time – but I already gave it up because size EU39 is quite a popular size. But then, on my birthday,  I saw these heels again, in my size and with 70% off. Such a heavenly moment (yes, sometimes i like to exaggerate a bit!).
7. So simple. Waking up next to the one I love the most (so cheesy, so true) – after a few nights from home you’ll appreciate these things even more.
8. Coffee. It has been my lifesaver a lot of times this month.
9. Positivity. This month I learned again about spending time with positive people around me and eliminate the ones that are negative or don’t invest in the relationship as much as I do.