Like I told you in my previous post I’m trying out a 30-day new eating regime where I’m trying to create  healthier eating habits. And like everybody else I feel that craving-feeling coming up during certain times of the day. And that’s where healthy snacks comes in.

First I want to clear out that these snacks aren’t bananas actually, but it’s plantain. They look like bananas but are a starchy, un-sweet banana that are not eatable raw and must be cooked before eating. Plantains are sometimes referred to as the pasta and potatoes of the Caribbean. You can find them at your local grocery shop or a at shop with Indonesian / Asian products.

I made this plantain more like a side dish for dinner or as a snack you can eat during the day. A lot of people find this vegetable not that sweet but personally I find them a quite sweet with the texture of potatoes. To be honest, I can’t call this a real recipe because the only thing you need to do is bake them – how easy can it be!

What do you need?
Coconut oil
Coconut flakes

Be sure you get the right yellow/brownish plantain that become darker when they’re ripe. Remove the peel and cut it in pieces you prefer. I like to get them in small round pieces because it has the perfect snack size. Put some coconut oil into a hot pan and add the plantain to it. Bake it until every side is golden brown. Ad some coconut flakes to it for the ultimate finishing touch!