I’m not sure this happens only to me, but re-decorating and renovating something in your house always magically takes 10 times longer than you had in mind. I thought I would be ready with renovating my room somewhere at the start of this year but in reality it’s now 6 weeks later – but hey, in the end it’s worth the wait, right?

Before I had a dark mint green wall with a canvas print of me and my boyfriend on it – quite cheesy can I say. After a few years I was fed up with it and I really was in for something new. Like I shared in some previous interior posts I wanted to have something minimal with a touch of nature – but not in the sense of something green. That’s where I came across the amazing bamboo wallpaper of Farrow & Ball and I knew this was the wallpaper I wanted to replace the green wall with. When I’m doing something right I want to upgrade the entire room and that’s where the delay started. Getting the new wallpaper up was finished in just a few hours but getting the old wallpaper off, getting rid of the old ceiling and painting everything took some extra time.

I really love the end result and it gives me that hotel feeling what I was aiming for. I added some touch of copper/rosegold to break the monochrome and I’m still thinking about adding some greens to it – maybe some good old cactuses? For my boyfriend I it was the first time getting up printed wallpaper (or just wallpaper in general) and that’s why I wanted to share some tips for a smooth end result.


1. Take your time /  You really want to take your time to get that wallpaper up and I really would calculate extra time for it. This isn’t something you want to do in a hurry and because you work with a print you really need to stay focused. And the first run of the wallpaper is the most important one, so take your time to get this one right and the rest will follow.

2. Order all the wallpaper you expect to need  / Plus something extra to be sure . When something goes wrong you don’t have to worry about having enough paper. When it arrives, double-check the lot numbers to ensure it was from the same run. Different runs can have slightly different colors and won’t always match.

3. Know where the light comes from / There are enough tips and tutorials on the web, but there’s one great tips I received from my boyfriend (who got it from his boss). When you’re wallpapering in a room with on one side of the room it’s better to start at the opposite of the room and work to the light. This is because of the way the light will catch the wallpaper and you won’t see the seams.

4. Windows closed / Another great tip was to work with your windows closed. I’m not sure in what way it helped (because I haven’t tried to do it with the windows open)  but they say the wallpaper will dry up better when you close your windows.