Oh gosh! I can’t believe how much I’ve changed since the moment I started working at my Crossfit box – not only physically but most of all mentally. I can truly say it got me addicted to working out more and face some serious health problems. But there’s still so much to work on!

Besides the physical part of this journey I also wanted to learn more about food and nutrition to have even a better result than I already have. That’s where the FitFood Challenge comes in. I came in contact with Sjanett and Maaike (with a background as psychological scientist and marketing) who are the founders of LoveFitFood and created the FitFood30 challenge to get people motivated to their own responsibility to take better care of their body with a food regime supported by a community.

Together with some tough girls and guys we started a food challenge of 30 days to start a healthier lifestyle and creating new healthier eating habits – in combination with sport (crossfit). For me it’s not only about the 30 days but also creating a healthier lifestyle for the rest of my life. Right now I’m at day 6 of this FitFood30 challenge and I can really say it wasn’t easy. I’m planning to do another post during/after the challenge but for now I’ll tell you more about my new food habits and what this challenge is all about. Maybe it will inspire you too to get fit again and have a closer look at your own eating habits.

For now the challenge is in Dutch, but hopefully in the future it will be available in English too. For the Dutchies: lees op meer over de challenge en misschien begin je net zoals mij aan deze toffe uitdaging.


Eating clean / Eating clean is the start of this challenge and it means all your food is fresh, not processed and are all made from scratch by yourself – This means no pasta sauces made out of a box anymore, but making them yourself with tomatoes and herbs. This part also means I’m upgrading the amount of vegetables and learning how to feed my body with the best food there is.

I’m quite on a no-sugar-gluten-lactose regime /  which means quite a change of my eating habits. This means no milk, bread, pasta, cheese, candy and many more. I see this part as ‘clean-out’ to see how my body will react on this change of not eating certain kinds of food. After the 30 days you’ll gradually add some of these back to your diet to have another check and to look if you have some allergies to some kind of food.

Almost every meal contains proteins  / and that’s where all my meals are built of. When it comes to my breakfast, lunch, dinner or pre/post-workout meals I always want to have a part of proteins. Besides this I’m building up my meals with good fats and carbohydrates. In this way you’ll have a balanced meal for every part of the day – especially on days you work out and burn more calories (which I’m not counting by the way).

Drink water. A lot of it / I knew I had to upgrade the amount of water I drink during a day, but I often went for other kind of drinks. I really got a addiction of getting to much sweet drinks like chocolate milk, soda, fruit juices and cocktails in the evening. During these days I’m trying to stick to only water with fresh fruit and herbs or green tea. Wish me luck!

Follow my FitFoot Challenge via instagram – @justlikesushi –  where I’ll be highlighting some of my meals during this 30 days. Besides this you can also check out the hashtag #fitfood30 to get inspiration for healthy meals.