Yess! Last week was the official launch of  Purdey’s  vitality drink in the Netherlands and I was invited for a delicious and inspiring breakfast in Amsterdam. Eventhough I had to wake up for it super early I couldn’t be more excited. With some fellow bloggers and press we all grabbed a chair on a long table filled with Purdey’s bottles, croissants, muffins and so much more to eat. Nowadays I try to be more conciouss about my healthy and mindset and the vision of Purdey’s just fits in perfectly. Besides launching a new drink in the Netherlands they also want to inspire people to make the best of it in life. So I was super curious to hear several speakers that morning about happiness and stories that would give some thoughts to think about.

The morning started with the base of happiness and how this all works in your body. Did you know feeling happy is the only emotion that can be felt in your entire body? Also you DNA can gives so much information about the state you’re in. But personally I think, when you have a strong mind you can concure so much which results in a happier life.

After this lecture two ladies, Karlijn Visser and Evelyn van Hasselt, shared their story about owning several companies which didn’t made them happy in the end. They were quite open about their bussiness desicions and they just jumped into an new adventure called Holistik. An online magazine about how to make your own life and around a better place. Eventhough they are not making as much money that they used to, they are so much happier in life. Quite an inspiring story that made me think about my own life and career.

After this, one of my favorite photographers was about to speak, Jimmy Nelson. He’s well-known of his book ‘Before they passed away’ where he shot many tribes around the world before they pass away. Not only his pictures are worth watching but his stories are even better. With all his passion and love for his work he shared amazing anecdotes about what happened before and after he made these amazing shots. What I learned of his story is about opening up yourself to others and trying to make yourself more vunerable. We all want to be so strong in life but actually on those moments when everything goes down some magical things can happen. Something you need to go down to get up again.

Quite inspiring speakers, right!? What are your thoughts about happiness? And what does make you happy in life? What makes you thrive in live? #thriveon