Eindhoven City Guide

Exactly a week ago I was invited by Endhoven365 to explore their city with a bunch of other bloggers in a new way. I live in the south of the Netherlands myself so I’ve visited Eindhoven quite often but actually I didn’t really know what this city had to offer. So with my point of view for a trip in your own country I collected some of my favorite spots to sleep, eat, drink and shop. I started this trip at the Blue Collar hotel that’s located in the Strijp S area. This area was the place were all the Philips buildings were located and now it’s a super creative and innovating place to hang out, live and work. They created lofts to live in, inspired spaces to work and they’ve got the best spots to shop and eat. Besides this they also organise many events to enjoy this place even more. As you can see, I’m hooked. Somewhere up on the buildings you’ve a great view over this area. Too bad the weather was quite gloomy during our visit but can you imagine how great this roof terrace would be when it’s summer.

Also the city centre has so much to offer when you’re planning a visit to Eindhoven. The next few months they organising some really cool events (which I’ll share down below) which makes this the place to be. For example Dutch Design Week makes it must-visit when you’re into design and innovating subjects. With the international vibe of this city makes it a really good alternative for cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam. So come the south of The Netherlands and pay a visit to Eindhoven. Ser you there!


Blue Collar Hotel / Klokgebouw 10
I stayed at the Blue Collar Hotel at Strijp S and it’s the perfect place to stay when you’re in for a down to earth hotel with still so much history. It’s also the perfect place to stay for a sleep over when you need to catch a plane at Eindhoven airport. They’ve got industrial rooms to stay but they also have dorms to sleep in which makes it possible to stay for a bargain.


Usine / Lichttoren 6
It’s a nice place to have lunch and dinner in the city centre of Eindhoven. They serve great plates to share to big lobster dishes. My favorite dish what I’ve tried out is the bakes salmon and the carrot cake is to die for.

Bagel and Juice / Torenallee 60-08
I knew this place from an other visit to Strijp S in Eindhoven and I was already a big fan of the Bagel with chicken, avocado with truffel sauce, but they have so many delicious dishes. During my stay I choose the big cappuccino XL (much-needed) with a big acai bowl which is a true instagram favorite too.

Vershal het Veem / Torekallee 86-02
In the mood of shopping your groceries at local shops this is the place to go in Eindhoven. We payed a visit and you can get your tea, pastries, herbs, cheese and nuts all at one place and made of the best ingredients. I couldn’t resist to get a few nuts with sea salt and honey. So yummy!

De vooruitgang / Markt 11
When you walked in this restaurant you’ll be surprised by the interior which make you feel you’re in New York. With a green wall full of plants, New-York style wall with drinks and neon light you’ll have enough things to see. With several cosy spots to eat, drink or have a dinner with friends you truly can spend some hours here. As lunch I went for the grilled chicken and it’s a true favorite.

Onder de Leidingstraat / Leidingstraat 45
When you’re at Strijp S and want to grab a coffee, meet with friends or just work at a cute place this place is just a must. Interior-wise it’s instagram worthy and besides this all you can also shop interesting cookbooks, Tony Chocolonely and more yummy treats.

Wynwood / Torenallee 40-08
This place looks really fancy and in comparison with the other spots in Strijp S it’s also a bit more fancier. I think it’s a great place to have dinner with your love or a nice place to eat with friends. They have several menus and you even can even choose a surpise menu that’s only 9 euro a course.


Studio Ruig / Torenallee 60-10
When you’re a lover of minimalistic fashion and you’re quite into Scandinavian fashion style this shop is a must visit. This brand is all about bringing minimal into fashion and they also use high quality fabrics like a lot of fabric. Besides their own shop in Eindhoven they also have an online shop which is not to miss too.

Urban Shopper / Torenalle 60-02
Close to Studio Ruig you’ll find Urban Shopper which is a place where several designers have their shop-in-shop and you can buy true Dutch design. From interior pieces, shoes to stuff for kids. I think this is a great place to find some unique gifts for others.

Cornerstore by City Dwellers / Heuvelgallerij 133
Just like with the shop above this a place where Dutch design is sold and you really can find unique items, for yourself or others.
• TO GO •
Dutch Design Week / 22-30 October
Glow / 12-19 November