We have already said goodbye to Summer this year and Fall has slowly came in. Summer has always had a special meaning to me because it feels a bit life and other are set on pause. Everybody is on holiday and it’s a perfect moment, in the middle of the year, to reflect and look how this year has been for you. Of course, this year has been quite hectic for me this year but in the end I learned so much. For me, summer was the time for me to look back and see what I learned and what this season can give me the rest of the year to get better and stronger. So for today I’m sharing some personal stuff about what I’ve learned this summer…

Just do it!
For years I tried to get fit and lose a bit of weight. I really didn’t think I had overweight but getting fitter would truly feel me better. After my injury I started Personal Body Plan as a last-minute decision and it has been the best thing I did this season. What I learned of this? Sometimes it’s good to not over think this and just do it!

Taking steps back
Besides getting healthier this summer I also tried to get healthier when it comes to my own energy. I learned to listen better to my body and making better decisions related to social situations. Of course, it’s so much fun to go to parties and events but nowadays I like to see in what way it also does something for me? Does it make me happy, better, richer on a higher level? That are the things I’m asking myself these days.

Don’t compare yourself
Due to that severe knee injury I truly felt alone because I was so focused on getting better. But it also made me concentrate more on myself and not comparing myself with others. We all are so different it’s impossible to compare and it’s really a waste of time.

I’m wearing River Island denim dress / Maruti ‘Gina” black pony hair biker boots / Costes sunglasses