Yes. I started this year super nice with NYE in Amsterdam with friends and strolling around the city. Full of inspiration, energy and excited to work on new things. But sometimes things doesn’t go how you expected…

Of course I’m talking about this week where the entire was shocked about the awful things happened in Paris and the shooting at Charlie Hebdo. I’m not planning to talk about this subject on my blog because with my blog I want to create a little positive place on the world-wide web. But hey, it effected the world and I couldn’t stop thinking about the last few days. Besides this, also something super tragic happened close to me which made me even realize more life can be over in a split-second and you must enjoy it to the fullest. Do things now, not later! In a nutshell I was struggling with mixed feelings – feeling super happy and excited and on the other side feeling super sad and down. No, this wasn’t the way I planned to start 2015. But as always I want to stay positive in my personal life and I hope more people will do this – all for a better world!

So besides the heavy and sad things that filled our lives I also wanted to share a few of my happy moments. And of course, don’t forget to follow me on instagram – @justlikesushi – to see what I’m up to everyday! See ya!

Of course it was also time to enjoy the first snow of this winter and I just had to made this snow selfie with the boy. Actually I’m more a spring/summer person but I can really enjoy those snowflakes once in a while.

Waking up in the new year in Amsterdam was amazing. We stayed at our friends place and their apartment was truly breathtaking – wished I could move in there! Someday this will come true…I know it! We started the day with a delicious breakfast and the champagne leftovers – including my injured after cutting in my finger when I was cutting the sushi rolls.

Strolling around the canals of Amsterdam. Some of the things I love to do the most when I’m in this city. Luckily I brought my Instax mini Polaroid camera with me to capture this cool shot and made this double shot.

Making the best breakfast on a sunday morning is always the best. This time I went for homemade pancakes with baked mango and coconut flakes. So damn yummy!

Sushi. You never can get enough of it and I’m so happy that this first month is only filled with sushi-dates. I’m also planning to make more homemade sushi thanks to Santa who gave me a cool sushi tableware.

Me-time. The best gift you can give yourself. I love to enjoy that time with tea or a big mug with hot chocolate and reading books I heard so many things about. I’m always interested hearing about new titles to read – so please share them with me.