Curacao Tips & Must-Do’s

With roots on this island a family living here, Curacao is really one of my favorite places on this earth. It has the white beaches, beautiful blue ocean, great food and the people are the best! The last few years I’ve visited this island and along the way I created a few favorites spots to relax, swim, eat and to do some cool and interesting stuff. Because people asking me often what my tips are for Curacao it was about time to create a list of my personal favorite things on this island! So let’s go…


Blue Bay – Sint Michiel
This is one of my favorite beaches to stay. Not that crowded, lot of palm trees and the daily happy hour at 5 is always a nice way to end your beach day!

Kokomo Beach – Vaersenbaai
Yes, this is also one of my favorites. Because of the not so crowded beach, the nice atmosphere and nice food it’s really must visit!

Playa Kalki
This hidden beach is a true gem and is almost picture perfect. With the not so crowded atmosphere and a the beach cafe filled with a few cats made it special place!

Grote & Kleine Knip
Of course these both beaches are a nice to-go place when you want to see the picture perfect white beach and blue ocean. Kleine Knip is my favorite because it’s a bit smaller and just has a nice vibe!

Avila – 130 Penstraat, Willemstad, Curaçao
This small beach is located at the oldest hotel of Curacao – Avila Hotel. It’s great to enjoy your day at a place with a lot of history. A perfect place for a relaxing day!

Cas Abou
This beach a great one because it’s quite wide and doesn’t feels that crowded. It has great rocks which makes it all complete

Porto Marie
This beach is known for the pigs that are walking around the beach totally free. Further, the small beach spot is perfect for a nice lunch

CityBeach88 – Pietermaai 86-88, Willemstad, Curaçao
This beach is located in the centre of Willemstad, Pietermaai next to some other restaurant and hotels. It isn’t possible to swim here but you can still enjoy the sun and the sand. Besides this they also serve great pizza’s

Jan Thiel / Koko’s – Kaya Damasco, Jan Thiel, Curaçao – A, Willemstad, Curaçao
I think a lot of people know this place but it’s still one of my favorites. The beds, the vibe and the beach are just perfect for a relaxing day


NumberTen – Santa Rosaweg 10, Willemstad, Curaçao
I came across NumberTen and I knew I wanted to check out this new coffee spot. Directly I knew this place would be one of my favorites. They serve really good coffee, delicious bowl and all their food taste fresh and so good. A must visit!

Beans – Pietermaai 86, Willemstad, Curaçao
Beans just opened a few month ago in Pietermaai. After a hot morning outside this is the perfect spot to come to rest, eat your breakfast/lunch and enjoy the rest of the day!

CityBeach88 – Pietermaai 86-88, Willemstad, Curaçao
Besides their nice beach I also like to enjoy their pizza’s!

The Gouveneur – De Rouvilleweg 9-F, Willemstad, Curaçao
With a view on the historical colored houses this place is a must when you want to spend a special evening with your loved ones. I enjoyed their carpaccio and pasta and everything was great! A must visit!

Chopstix – Santa Rosa Weg 33C, Willemstad, Curaçao
Ok! Stop everything! Are you into sushi? Yes? You MUST visit Chopstix – I’ve never tasted sushi so good as here. Full of taste and their creations are so so good!

Hofi Cas Cora – Landhuis Cas Cora, Reigerweg z/n Willemstad, Curaçao
I really like to support initiatives that serve local ingredients and create healthy meals. In between the greens, animals and quiet area you start to enjoy this purenessMax&Bee Juicery  Dr. W.P. Maalweg 20, Salinja, Willemstad, Curaçao
Just like Hofi Cas Cora I like that this place creates healthier options and shows that you can create amazing dishes with local products. I’m really into their juices and wraps!

– TO-DO’S –

Klein/Little Curacao
When you visit Curacao I would recommand to go to Klein Curacao. A 2-hour boat will bring you to this island and you’ll have the best day ever. This is a deserted island with an endless white beach and I even swum with turtles here! Every time I went to Klein Curacao I went with The Mermaid Boattrip

Christoffel Mountain (climbing)
Are you into an active morning? Than you must climb the Christoffel Mountain. It will take a hour to get to the top with a reasonable physical condition. Of course you’ll be rewarded with an amazing view

Dusi Walks Curacao
I found Dushi Walks Curacao on instagram and I knew I want to experience one of her walks around the city. I chose for the one around Otrobanda and it was so good to get know the city from an other perspective

Kura Hulanda Museum – Slave Museum
Besides the ultimate tropical island this island has so much history. Unfortunately this also has a history with slavery. This museum shows you how slaves came to Curacao, their living conditions and so much more. I really found it interesting to get to know this part of this island too!

Boka Shete
This means ‘seven inlets,’ named for a series of picturesque coves that are carved out of the limestone along this 10km stretch of coastline. Boka Pistol is my favorite and it’s so amazing to see how powerful the sea can be.