photo’s by Kimberley Denise / edited by me

Yes, like we all know, fashion month is over and I’ve been following it just from home, behind my Macbook mostly with a cup of green tea. This season it wasn’t the right moment to be part of it and just stay home. Following it all from livestreams in your onesie (whoops!) has also it’s own charm. It also was really cool to follow fellow bloggers and friends travel around the world and to get directly updated by the coolest shows and (after)party’s.  Just like with Kimberley from who went to NYFW and got to the Alexander Wang show and shot these amazing pictures – It almost feels like I was there too. The coolest thing: thanks to Facebook chat I gave her some styling advice about what to wear to the New York New York party. Two girls, 5800 km separated and thanks to social media having some necessary girl talk. Isn’t that just fun!

Back to my all time favorite of this season’s fashion month: Alexander Wang Spring 2014. This show reminded me of the 90’s and my teenage years where logo’s was part of the cool crowd (read: I wasn’t). With logo’s popping up everywhere ( think about Tommy, Ralf and many more) it was a trend you couldn’t miss. Wang went back to the street and went all the way branding himself in a subtile way – I really like. His repeating name and logo made it all less readable and more abstract. My favorites: The first ‘crop’ top with a diagonal flapover tee and the black AW logo skirt. Gimme!