the secret to getting ahead is getting started

Why don’t we just have a day in between Saturday & Sunday. Luckily we have all Sunday left with hopefully a lot of sun so I can shoot some pictures at a really cool spot near my home. And besides, there’s still a lot of work to do – so let’s get started! What are your plans for today?

The secret to getting ahead is getting started / So many people have dreams or future plans, but in the end they doing nothing with it. I think that’s such a shame! To get further in life things has to change and most of them are not in your comfort zone! Get out of it!
I just adore this look because of it’s all white simplicity and the delicate jewelry pieces she’s wearing.
Just like with the picture before – all the fine rings and the delicate lace bra combined with a sun-kissed skin makes me so ready for summer!
As you may know, I’m getting myself more into interior – see here – and on my never-ending wishlist is putting up frames with beautiful artwork. And these New York/Empire State Building ones are just a must have for every interior. And yes, you can still win a pair of Maruti shoes + VOTE ME TO NEW YORK – today & tomorrow is you last chance to bring out your vote!
Zara does it again – with their all white April lookbook they know how to get everyone (and all te bloggers) running to their stores. Yes, I love these shots, but lately I don’t have that urge again to hop into the Zara everytime. Maybe I need to do that when I’m in Barcelona where their prices are more reasonable…

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