“It’s Monday, but it’s O.K.”

On instagram, twitter and facebook I see a lot Monday Blues drama’s coming by – yes, Monday isn’t my favorite day of the week (I prefer Friday with a cocktail here and there) but it isn’t that bad at all + we can all make the best out of it. So, here are a few tips for you to own your Monday. Please share you personal tips with me too – love to hear them!

1. Wake up earlier – enjoy the quietness, a refreshing shower and take your time to make the best breakfast ever!
2. Put on one of your favorite music – like the amazing albums of Beyonce, Pharrel or Stromae – and let the energy of those songs get into you body (just like me: dancing around my bed at 7AM in my one-see)
3. Work out – get your work out done before breakfast time and you feel you can conquer the world.
4. Make a to-do list – when you know exactly know what needs to be done you’ll get less stressful (still working on this myself).
5. Me-time – Schedule in some me-time in the evening with a fresh mint tea, magazines and a mud mask to end your Monday right.
6. Getting dressed – when you wear that brand new dress of new pair of shoes you feel like showing them off to everyone.
7. Drink coffee (or tea) – the daily grind!
8. Fruit shakes – and the ones with spinach in it are the best!
9. And if really feel the Monday Blues – just stay at home (if you don’t have plans yet) while watching your favorite series and wait till it’s Tuesday ;)

src. afterdrk / unknown

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Last, but not least I still want to ask you guys for a last favor.


+ for you to win a pair of Maruti shoes.
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