OMG! Time flies when you have the best time in your life. Yes, during the month May I’m celebrating…


Back in 2009 I started my blog (first with an other blog name – and no, I’m not going to share that with you..) to share my photography stuff and to update my english. To be honest, the first months I didn’t took it all that serious but after 5 years it truly changed my life.

IT STARTED all when I was following a few bloggers who already shared their personal style for a few years. They inspired me, but still I hadn’t the courage to start my own blog – back then I was a bit social-media-paranoid. I was really scared to share personal things on the world-wide-web and I wanted to stay anonymous. Instead to let control the web me, I took the control in my own hands and started my blog…

Oh gosh, BLOGGING has brought me so many great thinks. It gave me confidence, friends and possibilities to showcase my work. Besides this all I’ve been to several fashion week, events, travelled to many cities I’ve never been to and once in a while I also could share this with my loved ones – actually what I love the most. I’m so grateful to make from what  I love to do the most my ‘(part-time) job’ and I really hope I still can do these for many years.

With this post I want to thank YOU. All those loyal readers that have been with me on this amazing journey and inspired me all in a unique way. Without you guys JUST LIKE SUSHI wouldn’t be the same and I’m so happy I can share (almost) everything with you guys and in that way hopefully inspire you. THANK YOU!

Tune in tomorrow morning to celebrate this 5TH BIRTHDAY with a really nice giveaway.
*Hint: I wore it in this weeks outfit post…