Oh November has been treating my quite good lately. Worked on several cool projects, been to London (yes, yes, soon more about that) started to work out again and spend some quality time with my love!

Can I girl wish for more? Of course life isn’t always like this and also I can have some downs. That’s what life is about, right? Whatever happens I always try to stay positive and see all the great things in the little things in life. Some see instagram as a superficial social medium where people bragging about their life and see it only as a commercial way to gain followers. Personally I see it also as the perfect way to showcase the fun, simple, cool things (and everything in between) in life and share this with my sweet followers – all on @justlikesushi

Missed something? This is what I’ve been up to
Eating sushi! Not one time but two times – it’s all in the name! / Went to a Dutch amusement park (Efteling) with my boyfriend and I had the time of my life / Oh, I’m a blondie now / I’m back to drinking smoothies again! So yummy! / Worked on a DIY – finally / Did some interior decoration / Worked on the launch and shoot of JOGHA.COM – its live right now! Go check it out! / I styled my boyfriend at the #dressmyfriend event of Only for Men (more about that) and we’re working on something cool for JUST LIKE SUSHI