I just want to talk about something that’s on my mind for a while now. It’s something personal, but also something I’d like to discuss with you guys. Why? Because I think blogging is not only about showing off from my side, but to get interactive with you.

The title says it already: LESS IS MORE. Clothes, interior stuff, things, goodies – whatever you call it, it’s getting on my nerves and I want to get rid of it. I want to feel satisfied with less and feel less obsessed by things and feel more free. Of course, I know things are just things and there’re more important things in life and I’ve experienced that several times in my life already. It’s also the society that we live in that makes us want more. More of  that, more of this – where does it end? Also blogging makes it not easy in this materialistic world. I want get more disciplined and start something new from the 1st of November.

What’s my plan?
– I want to start with cleaning out my closet – with some serious guidelines (Shall I share them with you guys?)
– Clean up my house and get rid of unnecessary stuff’. Back to basics!
– Be disciplined!

Let project LESS IS MORE start!

Do you like it when I share my process here on my blog with tips and updates? Let me know! I also would love to hear your opinion about LESS IS MORE – and your tips & tricks.

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