Let’s talk about scents. When it goes about perfumes I only limit myself to a few that I truly love. But I also find it always interesting when something crosses my path as a present or as content in a goody bag. That’s what happened with the LOVE ETC eau de toilette of The Body Shop. I find it an easy-going scent that isn’t too strong and is perfect for an everyday mist. I took it with me during my stay  in Amsterdam last week and it’s also in my suitcase here in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

“a heart-stopping fusion of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood notes”

While living out of a suitcase the last and upcoming days, for me it’s really important to be organised and find my own way of packing your bags. I always found it annoying that I couldn’t find the perfect way to bring my jewelry with me –  in a safe way. Luckily I found this cute red pouch at H&M where I bring all my fine jewelry pieces with me. Actually I’m also thinking about to get the black one too – they are only 5 euro. Score!