Oh damn! Time flies! This month is already the last month of my Personal Body Plan and I’ve got only a few days left to succeed. Actually I already succeed a few weeks ago and that’s also one of the reason I’m not that strict anymore. This last month was all about finding balance and combine it with my busy working life. Time to prepare myself to hold on to this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Not to limit myself but to care for my body and mind to make to best of it.

To be honest, it hasn’t been easy and sometimes I haven’t made the best choices but finally I know what works for me. Still there’s more work to do but I really think I can do this on my own now.

My Personal Body Plan Journey
The last 6 months have proven that I’m somebody who has perseverance and that I’m able to do things that look out of reach. Can you remember where I came from? Back in March I had a severe knee injury when I was in Barcelona for work – read more about it here. After flying home my entire left leg needed to be in cast for 6 more weeks and even the most simple things in life were a struggle. After those 6 weeks I needed to learn to walk, bike and swim again and I truly felt down and unhealthy. Something had to change! So back in June it was time to start the Personal Body Plan journey and actually I started without thinking too much about it. After struggling for so long this was something positive to hold on. Still, I was in doubt if it would be something for me because several attempts of getting healthy and losing a bit of weight weren’t that succesful. With the help of my lovely coach Fleur and my boyfriend I started to track my food, ate healthy and went to the gym at least 4-5 times a week. The first 3 months of my PBP journey were the hardest but I also saw the most different during this time. This difference gives you the right drive to go on. But I also knew I had to give myself more freedom because this strict regime wasn’t something for the long run. During my tropical holiday I learned to let things go and enjoy food and not only think about the nutrition. After this holiday in September I felt so good and noticed when you arent’t that strict anymore you still can be on track and lose weight. 

And now?
Right now I chose to stop with Personal Body Plan because I think I really can hold on to this lifestyle change myself. Also my boyfriend got excited about this fitjourney and together we want to make the best of our body in 2017. After PBP I also want to focus more on getting my body fat lower instead concentrating on my weight loss. In the end, you weight is only a number and from now on I want to focus on getting a fit body and mind.

Excited to start this journey too? Join PBP just like me and you will not regret it. Certainly don’t hesitate to sign up for Personal Body Plan because this month’s registration period closes tomorrow already on the 26th of November (only a day left) and you already can start this Monday on the 28th of November. Oh, and get 15 euro discount on your plan if you sign up through this link. Go for it!