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Since I’m working on a healthy lifestyle with Personal Body Plan I always get many questions about how I stay motivated and how I did it. Personally that’s quite a hard question to answer because I just started, didn’t think too much and jumped into this new adventure. Too bad this journey is coming to an end soon because November will be the last month of my PBP 6-month journey. So much has changed and I’m quite excited what the future will bring. But the last few weeks I haven’t been that strict as I have been in the previous months but this isn’t something bad. That’s where the balance comes in and the last few weeks was all about bringing reality into your build up regime and knowing what’s possible to keep on doing the rest of your life.


During first 3 months of my Personal Body Plan I was eating and working out very strict and almost afraid of eating food that was labeled as ‘bad’. During my healthy journey I learned there isn’t really bad food bu food that doesn’t have the best nutrition in it. So in the end I prefered to choose the healthy stuff and never touched any ‘bad food’. As you know, I am a true sushi lover, and during the very first sushi dinner I got a bit freaked out of all the delicious food choices but I knew it wouldn’t be that healthy as I wanted. I almost created a FOGO (fear of going out) because I couldn’t enjoy the food to the fullest and I knew something had to change. During August this has totally changes because while I wasn’t working out that hard and enjoyed the Caribbean food to the fullest I even lost some weight. This changed my mindset. Yes, I can eat ‘bad’ food and enjoy it and have a healthy lifestyle too. It’s all about balance!

Listen to your body
When I started I actually didn’t think deeply about how I wanted to achieve my goals and I just started. Eating super healthy and working out at least 4 times a week was becoming my regime but after 3 months and a relaxing holiday I knew I couldn’t keep up this forever. I felt tired, had sore muscles and was lacking in energy and I knew something had to change. Listening to my body was the best decision ever and skipping a training once in while isn’t the end of the world.

Train your mind
From the start I knew that besides my body I also had to train my mind during this journey. You can lose tons of kilo’s but when you mind isn’t in the right state you can still create a wrong body image. During my journey I had my ups and downs and even though I had some good results sometimes I still wasn’t satisfied. After some weeks I learned that I really need to look back where I came from and can be proud of every (tiny) victory.


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