lost 10kg in 100 days, personal body plan

Yes! I truly feels so weird to talk so openly on my blog about something that’s so personal. But on the other side I’m also quite proud about myself and I’m excited how I achieved this ‘goal’ and maybe you get inspired by it too. When I started my journey with Personal Body Plan I wasn’t really focused on losing weight. After al those months of feeling powerless and having my ups and downs I just wanted to feel good about myself and feel strong again. Right now I’m in the 4th month (112 days to be exact) of this healthy journey and I’m still so impressed by all the good things it has brought me. But let’s talk about the fact that I lost freaking 10kg in only 100 days. Aaargh! I still can’t believe it but the scale just doesn’t lie in this case. But how did I achieve this weightloss and what are my tips and tricks to get healthy too?


First I want to share with you that my goal in the first place was going on a tropical holiday with a body I felt good in. I knew there’s was a lot of work need to be done but I knew I had around 3 months to go. When I started Personal Body Plan in June I was still recovering for a severe knee injury. Actually, I was still learning to cycle again and I wasn’t able to run – so I really need to start from the bottom. Did I had overweight? Maybe! But I knew something had to change for my body and mind. Actually I just followed the journey of Personal Body Plan and every week I saw my body shrinking and my clothes got way to big. At the same time I got mentally stronger and stronger which made it even easier to work out around 4 to 5 days a week. The moment you’ll see results is just the perfect motivation to go on. Of course, I had my ups and downs, but this is all part of this journey and I truly learned how to deal with some of the downs. You’ll have some days or weeks having a hard time and you rather go for fastfood instead of a salad but this doesn’t mean it’s the end of everything. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to go for it.

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I’m wearing FRVR White Ondine Singlet


Drink a lot (and lots and lots) of water
At the start of this journey I had to drink a lot of water – around 3 liter a day. For a girl like me who forgets to drink water so often this was a true challenge. But with a big bottle (around 800ml) it made it so much easier to furfill this goal. Still, I’m trying to drink at least 2 liters a day. Of course, there are still people who think water isn’t that beneficial but drinking water instead of all those bad sodas and fruit drink is always a better idea.

Know what you eat
One of the biggest things I learned from PBP is that I know so much better about what I eat. I’ve been that person who reads the nutrition information on the things I ate but actually I just didn’t understand it. When you have fixed macro’s for a day you know what you can eat or not. In this way you’ll bring more balance in what you eat and so it’s still possible to eat a burger or homemade fries.

Lift weights (and a bit of cardio)
With PBP they are mostly focusing on the lifting weights part than cardio. In this way your focusing on losing weight with the food you eat and getting stronger by working out 4 days a week. The other 2 days is all about cardio or just other sports you like to do. Working on those muscles makes you more tones and the feeling if getting stronger is priceless.

Have fun
The most important part of starting a healthy lifestyle change is having fun with it. Of course, working out at the gym early in the morning is not always the most fun to do but challenging yourself, doing your favorite work-outs or asking a friend to join is something that make it so much more fun. Besides this all I’m also getting much excited about healthy food and have so much more fun in cooking my own meals (and my bf doesn’t mind this too).