What a week! You may have noticed I haven’t updated my blog lately. Some things have happened last week why I need to take some radio silence from my blog and will not update that much.

As you may have read on instagram I headed to Barcelona for a very cool trip and experience the nice weather of one of my favorite cities. But just a few hours after we arrived and shooting great pictures something bad happened. I already had an injury on my ankle since last month and this was still something that I had to take care off. Not walk that much, bring an elastic (so not fashionable) brace with me and rest as much as I can. But hey, who says no to a trip to a sunny place like Barcelona and shoot pictures all day long. While shooting at a cactus garden I already step into a cactus which caused some bleeding on my right ankle. While being a bit annoyed I continued shooting but that may not have been the best option. Only a few minutes later I got out of balance and fell on the ground. But what happened? I looked at my left knee and saw it was totally wrong. My knee was dislocated and immediately I knew an ambulance had to come. After acting like a true drama queen (sorry, not sorry) I was brought to the emergency room at the hospital.

To make a long story short, they put my knee bone back in the right position and put my entire leg in plaster. I was super happy I was staying at a super spacious apartment (thanks to Sweet Inn) so I had enough space to get around with my stools and could rest in the comfiest bed ever. It was quite a hassle to get on the airplane from Barcelona to Amsterdam, but luckily I’ve been home right now for the last few days. Being still super exhausted, not able to walk normally and living on painkillers makes it all not easy. It’s time now to recover again and get back on track as soon as possible. Feeling blessed with all the great care of all the sweet people around me and the fact it could ended up even more worse. And hey, it’s just something to overcome. So bear with me and hopefully I can update my blog like I always have done.