phone addiction, costes fashion

I love my phone! A couple of weeks ago my iPhone 6 met by accident and it was love on first sight! Love how it works, great camera, enough battery and storage to keep track on all my apps I can’t live without. But this all also has one big downside, the possibility of getting addicted relationship with your phone or other mobile devices. Phones are powerful machines and distract us from all the things we do in our daily life. During work lunch when you rather look on your phone than talk with your coworkers. After work when you meet up with friends but you rather talk to complete strangers on one of the many apps. And before you even can taste your sushi dinner you need to take the time to shoot it all with the best filter and light.

Does this all sound quite familiar? We all know it’s good to plan more time for the real life and just leave the online world like it is. For me, the weekend is the perfect moment to invest more in my offline life and enjoy the little things in life. So for today I’m sharing a few easy things to do this weekend without your phone or limited your time with your mobile friends.


Put your wifi or internet off / Use your phone where it was made for…to call! You really don’t need to be online 24/7
Wake up / Do you check your phone immediately when you wake up? Try to not touch your phone the first 30min of your day
Be disciplined / In some offline situations you really need to have your phone close to you – during a meeting, driving, eating
Read a book / While traveling by train or bus challenge yourself to read a book instead of looking at your phone
Go swimming / It’s just the perfect way to have fun and a good work-out at the same time. Perfect way to get your weekend started
More sleep / Power off your phone an hour before bed time to ensure that your last hour is spent in a meaningful way

I’m wearing Costes check trousers + top + bomber jacket