So, it’s time again for a sort of instagram dairy with things I’ve ben up to lately. Of course, you could have seen them all at the good old instagram but this time I wanted to tell a bit more of about it. To get to know me a bit better, I think.
The last few weeks weren’t my best ones because of some health issues I wasn’t feeling that well. I planned so many great things for my blog but unfortunately I needed to put them on hold for the time being. All I can say that I’m trying be positive, happy, work on my blog as much as possible and hope to feel better as soon as possible.

Oh gosh! I’ve been eating these banana pancakes almost every weekend because it’s the perfect way to start my day. Do you know how to make them? Mix 1 egg and 1 banana together and that’s it! I always like to add some cinnamon and brown sugar to give it a sweet touch!

Have you seen this image on my instagram? Last week I shared my personal story to give more awareness for World Sight Day. I’m so grateful I live n a country where there’s great medical care so I never had to live without sight, but unfortunately a lot of people in this world aren’t that blessed. #givesight

On doctors advice I changed my optical lenses for glasses. Such a change. Previous glasses weren’t really working for my so I’m so happy these glasses of Ace & Tate came in this weekend – more about it soon. They fit me perfect and I’m so happy I can see a bit better now. I still need to get my eyes checked later this month in the hospital to know why my sight is getting worse lately.

The moment I received the fuzzy cow-hair leopard sneakers I haven’t stop wearing them. They fit me perfect and even with some baggy jersey trousers they make an relaxed outfit a bit more fun – like you could see here.

Me acting crazy and chilling in the hammock at the Townhouse Hotel in the centre of Maastricht. This reminded me of the fact that I’ve got still a hammock myself need to be  hang up – still sending some hints to my boyfriend ;)…

Oh, this is how a typical Monday afternoon/evening looks like for me. Even though I need to get used to a full week ahead I like to be active as possible. To give myself a treat afterwards I love to relax a bit, make coffee  and read some magazines. Last monday was a though one with 2 visited to my doctor and getting my blood checked in the hospital.

So sweet! My cat always like to keep me company when I’m working from home.