I think. A lot! Since I was a little girl I spend a lot of time in my own head thinking about super serious stuff – like what’s happening in the world right now- but also just random things that cross my mind. Actually it never stops!

I made a selection of some of my random thoughts that represents my 20-something me and some struggles. It’s up to you what you want to do with it but maybe you can relate to it too – and it would make me feel less weird too, haha! I also would to hear some of your random thought you have! You’re not the only one…

1 / “Oh no, I’m getting grey hairs”
That’s what I was thinking when I discovered several grey hairs popping out of my head. Not 1, not 2, but I’ve got so many grey hairs I lost count – I still can’t believe I’m sharing this here with everyone, actually. Becoming grey on a young age is something that runs in the family and I knew it would hit me too soon. Luckily they invented hair dye!

2 / “Everybody around me is getting married or getting babies”
I was never that girl who dreamed of a big wedding or a house full of kids. In comparison to friends and family I see a lot of them getting married or having children. And yes, I love to attend a wedding and spending time with their children, but I really don’t have the urge to do have them of my own. I’m really happy my boyfriend thinks the same about this and of course, I can’t look into the future, but we’re just enjoying life to the fullest now together!

3 / “I don’t want to grow up.”
I still love balloons, cartoons, Hello Kitty, Disney world, cute animals on Pinterest and more super childish stuff. I’ve always been that girl who didn’t like to grow up – puberty wasn’t my favorite period in my life. I like to think back with a lot of nostalgia when I was 6 years old and life was so simple and I just was living day by day. Spending playing outside, with Barbies and DIY-ing all day long. Heaven!

4 / “Will I ever learn how to walk in heels as a true lady”
I already gave this up a year ago. Whoops! Sorry!

5 / “When can I drink coffee like a grown up?”
Yes, I love to drink coffee once in while, especially on one of those mornings I need some help with waking up. But still, I can’t have more than 1 cup a day because otherwise I get super nervous and hyper. This still makes me feel I really need to grow up (or just maybe not)!

6 / “This year I’ll get that amazing bikini fit body”
To be clear, I’m totally fine with the fact I don’t have size 0 and have some curves here and there. But year after year after year I’m trying to get a more toned body and eat healthier food. But due some health & personal issues I’m still working hard on this and still asking myself if I ever will get that amazing bikini fit body. Wish me luck!

7 / “Will I ever own the ultimate timeless closet?”
Season after season I think I found my ultimate style regime and know how I want to look like the upcoming 10, 20 or 30 years. But seasons also bring new trends and they always let me re-think about the style I embraced. Maybe it’s something you’ll create through your entire life, but I always asking myself if I ever will own the ultimate timeless closet?