What I learned last year

Actually I really want to stop talking about all the things happened in 2016. For me it has flown by and it almost feels I lost a few months because I was recovering from my severe knee injury. It was a special year and because I was forced to stay at home a lot I also had a lot of time think about life and what I want for the future. This situation had made me to drop a few walls around me while in other cases I gained more confidence and build up a ‘whatever’ attitude. Feeling happy in the state I’m in and what i want in life – even when this means this isn’t according the rules of our society. Down below I’m sharing a few things I learned last year and maybe it can inspire you too.

Back to basic
When your life tumbles down and you eve need the help from others to walk, shower and go outside you’re going to notice what  the true important things in life are. What does all the materialistic things in life means when you just want to be able to walk. Last year I learned to focus on to the basic things in life and pay less attention to unneccessary things. This resulted into selling and giving away a lot of stuff ton others. For 2017 this is also something want to continue and live with less stuff.

Stick to your own convictions
When you find so much time to think about life and what you want you come to realisations. Thinking about which things need to be the same and truly need to change. Personally came to the conclusion that I really want to move to a new home. Something smaller, cosier and with less things around me. Further I also I realised more where I want to spend my money on. More money for saving, traveling and things that are important for me in life.

Your body is everything
I’ve never been the most sportive girl and I always have been struggling with my body image. I love food and I always knew that I not always made the most healthy choices. But in the end I accepted this all and it didn’t affected my daily life. But dur to my injuries in February and March I was injured and I came to realisation that something really had to change. So after I was released from my plaster cast on my entire lef it was time to recover and get fit. In collaboration with Personal Body Plan I lost around 12kg and never felt so good. Nowadays I working on my body not for the image but for my health. Without your body you’re nothing so keep it in the right shape. This is also something I want to keep on working in this new year.

Keep dreaming, keep working
Last year I came to the conclusion that often you’ve got more power in you than you think. I’ve overcame so many struggles and fears that it almost feels like that what I’m struggling with right bow is just a fraction that I’ve been trough. On a personal level I also created a more ‘whatever’ attitude which resulted in to more rest in my own mind. Not taking the worries from other with me is something I alaways wanted to. So for this new year I want to keep dreaming snd working on my goals. 

Invest in the good people around you
When it comes to friends and family I rather have only a few around me than a bunch of people that take a lot of energy. Last year I experienced who my true friends are and sometimes this also means some people are not good for and keep dissapoint you over and over again. I like to invest my time, money and energy on the ones that give back the same.